Amy’s Bus activities – week 2

This week I have made a book called ‘The Naughty Bus at Night’. I have drawn all the things I would need to take on a journey and I have got very creative! I have done some printing patterns and making pots with lids in clay.

I am looking forward to the Teams meeting tomorrow!

Lots of love from Amy



Amy’s Bus activities

This week I have enjoyed making a map of Catford and London and making my 124 bus. I put my friends from school in the bus!

I have been doing some one more and one less and playing with my new numicon.

I have also been thinking about myself and what I am good at.

Love from Amy


Amy’s Vegetables!

This week I have been busy again! I enjoyed making my handprint face picture.

I have written a recipe for the school cook book. I love chicken souviaki, I first ate it when I went to Greece last year.

I have also been colour mixing again and this time I made lots of different greens.

Love from Amy


Amy’s Animals – again!

I have had another busy week! I have enjoyed playing numberblocks maths games and the piggybank maths game on cebeebies.

I wanted to find out more about Sea Turtles because they are my favourite!

We painted ladybirds on stones to add to the stone snake on the corner of Ardoch and Ardfillan.

And I have done lots of phonics and writing about the animals in Dear Zoo.

But the most exciting thing is that MY FIRST TOOTH FELL OUT this week!

Love from Amy


Amy’s animals


I have been very busy this week! I made a salt giraffe and drew one in crayons, I wrote some facts about giraffe’s and some words to describe them. I looked for patterns on my walk to the park and then drew some animal patterns. I used my aqua beeds to make some animals and then I made houses for them using different bricks. I played feeding the animals with marbles and then wrote down the number sentences I made. I made a collage elephant and did my animal puzzle.

My favourite thing was making my salt giraffe and drawing the animal patterns.

Next I want to find out about turtles.

Love from Amy

PS. Thank you Manda for my Headteachers award. It made me VERY happy and proud.


Amy’s activities

Here are some things I have been up to.

I made bunting and cakes with my brother for VE day.

I’ve done some sharing games and a game where I hid my Anna doll and then described where she was for mummy to find her. I’ve been enjoying watching the phonics videos with Geraldine the giraffe.

I have written about Dr Obi, my hero, because she saved my life! She sang in the NHS choir so I’ve watched the song lots too.

Love from Amy.