The Little Turtle and the Changing Sea

This week we have really enjoyed reading the story ‘The Little Turtle and the Changing Sea’  We have had many discussions about what we can do to protect our oceans.

Little Turtle and the Changing Sea: Davies, Becky:  9781680101997: Books

The children have been sequencing and retelling the story.  We will be continuing with this next week.  Why not have a go at retelling the story at home.


Little Turtle and the Changing Sea: Davies, Becky:  9781680101997: Books

We used the story to create our own story map.  The children used some fantastic sentence openers, similes and conjunctions.

We have had a very busy week this week. The children really enjoyed making predictions and writing facts in English.  We looked at ways we can save our planet.  We discussed sea creatures and read the stories Marli’s Tangled Tale and Saving Tally.

Saving Tally: An Adventure into the Great Pacific Plastic Patch: 2 Save The  Planet Books: Lane Ferrari, Serena, Vallicelli, Giorgia: BooksMarli's Tangled Tale: A True Story About Plastic In Our Oceans (Wild Tribe  Heroes): Jackson, Ellie, Callwood, Laura: 9781999748517: Books

The children were able to write down facts they have learned.  We also made Poster to share the information.

Materials Word Wall Pack (teacher made)

Continuing our Materials topic in science we discussed ways to make a pot. Just like in Anansi, the challenge was it had to be made out of paper.

Welcome Back!

Hope everyone had a restful half term. We have had a great start to the term.

anansi the spider god - SevenPonds BlogSevenPonds Blog

We have really enjoyed reading the story Anansi. The children have come up with some amazing words of wisdom and have written them down during our English lessons.




Money - coin recognition | Teaching Resources

In maths this week we have been learning to recognise coins and there value.  We have also calculated the total total.


Tinga Tinga

This week we have really enjoyed creating our very own Tinga Tinga Artwork! We spoke in detail about Edward Saidi Tingatinga and his use of bright bold colours. Take a look at some of the finished results…Thank you to all of our amazing Year One classes for making the first half term back so much fun! We’re looking forward to the exciting half term ahead but for now, rest, relax and have a wonderful half term.


The Year One Team 😊

Ella’s home learning project


Ella has been working hard to do home learning project from September to now. Here is her works.  Especially,  to make a poster, it took a few weeks to complete. She likes to write ‘3D’ shapes of letters. Mummy just helped spellings and a little bit colouring when she felt bored to do🤣. But she wrote all of words and the words are her idea. Ella loves 1BZ friends.

Hope you all have a great halfterm (even if Covid_19’s new rules starts).

Thank you x

Super Science!

Father Allouez Catholic School


This week we have been learning to sort animals according to their appearance.

Clasificación de animales

Here is a sorting activity we did in class.


Next week during our science session we will be sorting animals onto a pictogram. Do you know what this is? Have you heard of a pictogram before?

Animal Groups Sorting Cards Photos, World Animal Day | KS2

Next week our science vocabulary will include reptiles, mammals and amphibians.  Can you find out what these words mean?

World Mental Health Day

Hello 1BZ,

Today we will be celebrating World Mental Health Day.

Over the last few weeks in PSHE, we have learned about how to take care of ourselves and each other. We know how to keep our bodies healthy and we know how to put ourselves in others’ shoes and care for those around us, but do we know how to keep our minds healthy?

Click on the picture below for a book list, full of stories that can support you and your siblings or friends with managing your mental health.

       Campaigns | Mental Health Foundation


We had lots of fun in the ICT suite writing about things that make us happy.  below are some of our amazing writing!

We also discussed ways to keep healthy mentally.  The children shared that keeping fit is a good way.  Here are some children in their yellow clothes showing us a dance!


Lots of people across the country are talking about mental health today because everyone has good and bad days, so remember, you are not alone.

If you have any other book recommendations that you think might help other when they are feeling sad, please let me know.

Have a great weekend!

       World Mental Health Day 2020: It's Okay Not to Be Okay and Help is Available - Cornerstone House